Monday, November 3, 2008


These naughty yet cherubic faces,
Always keep me one up on my paces.
All these lads and lasses of mine
Are a delight 'cause they behave so fine.

Whether they are big or small, thin or fat,
In my presence they are all quiet as a rat.
Since there's no one who starts a fight
Quarrels in class are so rare a sight

Sometimes when angry I give them a shout,
Then these innocent kids sit quitely with a pout,
These children so sweet and charming,
Leaves me thinking whether I am alarming !

They fill my cup of life with joys
These sparkling girls and boys
How I will miss them in the coming years
Maybe I can express it only by my tears


The vacations are here once again
When all the students stand to gain
Books and exams that gave them a fright
Are now happily kept out of sight.

Planning outings is now not so hard
Cause fun and frolic is on the card,
Now is the time to look up and gaze
At the beauty above all in a maze

Join a club or go for a dance
These are the days to be in a trance
Ask for favours from your Dad
And go and buy things that are a fad

Let your hair down and be happy
Soon it will be over and you’ll be snappy
This is the best time of the year
I’ am sure you will all agree my dear.

Is It Love?

What I feel for you
Is it love?
I don’t know
Nor can I explain
Why my heart skips a beat
When I spot you somewhere
Or even when I think of you.
Is it love?
I don’t know

And I don’t want to know.
Only your presence is my life
Is enough to make me
Want to live again and again
Is it Love?
I don’t know

I want nothing from you
Do not change even a bit
‘Cause I adore you
Just the way you are
Is it Love?
Maybe I know.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


I have two kids clever and witty,
My boy's chubby and my girl's pretty.
The name of my girl is Preeti,,
And the name of my boy is Kirti.

I always look after their needs,
Even if they are full of naughty deeds.
Throughout the day I am on my toes,
Listening to their tales of joys and woes.

Life is so dull in their absence,
Fun and frolic enters with their presence.
They never miss a chance to make me a fool,
But still I miss them when they are at school.

I wouldn't part with this pair of pets,
Even if I was offered a million diamond sets.
How precious they are to me I cannot say,
Without them I cannot live, even for a day.


There's this man from France,
Who didn't know how to dance.
He had a few pegs.
Then he shook his legs.
And now he dances as if he's in a trance

There's this man from Congo,
Who loved to play on his Bongo,
But no one came near
For the drums to hear,
Except for his pet bird, the Drongo

There's this man from Avon Park,
Who had a dog that couldn't bark,
So, he took the pet,
To a very famous vet,
And now the dog can even sing like a lark

There's this man from Italy
Who told this girl let's be pally
She gave him a slap
That sounded like a clap
And said "with me you can't dally"